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Lisa See

                Lisa See is American – Chinese writer and novelist. 
I’ve heard about her for the first time when I “accidentally” bought her book “Shanghai Girls”. It was a story about two Chinese sisters from Shanghai in ’30s. Because of the war they were forced to leave China and they moved to America where some members of their family were living, of course, they had their own secrets.

                After reading this book, which seemed to be interesting for me, I decided to read a crime series called “Red princess”. The main characters were a couple of detectives: a Chinese woman Liu Hulan and an American man David Stark. They both were solving some crime cases of the international meaning, like: the corruption in the big company, the bad condition of the work in a Chinese factory, the steal of historical artefacts. 
Reading this books I found out many new things about China during these days and also some years ago, for example during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. 
                In this series there’re included three books:  “Flower net”, “The Interior” and “Dragon bones”. I think the last part of this series (“Dragon Bones”) was the best one, although it was a little bit scary, even shocking.  

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