poniedziałek, 22 maja 2017


                Lacrimosa is a music duo formed in 1990 by Tilo Wolff, a German musician, music producer, composer and arranger. At the beginning of his independent carrier he was recording on the cassettes some songs written by him. He also founded his individual music studio to being independent of any other record company. 
                In 1994 Tilo, impressed by the voice of a Finn singer Anne Nurmi, he invited her to join Lacrimosa. I like very much Anne’s voice. She’s the one of not much singers who can sing contralto.
                The genre of Lacrimosa’s music is considered as gothic rock. They sing usually in German language, but they’ve recorded many songs in English too.
                I’ve heard about Lacrimosa for the first time when I was in high school. In 2012 I was at their concert in Warsaw. During the concert I was staying in the first row and it was such an unforgettable event for me. What was interesting I could observe that Tilo is extremely shy in front of the public, but playing and singing, he seem to be to very self-confident.

                It’s not confirmed, but I’ve heard that during their carrier,  Tilo and Anne got married. I hope that’s true because, in my opinion, they look so lovely together. 

Lacrimosa - Not every pain hurts deep inside (the first song of them I've heard)

Lacrimosa - Der verlust (the one which I like the most)

Lacrimosa - Kaleidoskop (the one which both of them sing, it sounds for me like from a musical)