niedziela, 11 czerwca 2017

Circle: two worlds connected

                Circle: two connected worlds is South Korean science fiction tv series still ongoing. Generally I don't like science fiction genre, but this series seems to be really intriguing. To be sincere, I decided to watch it because of the actor who play one of the main roles in this series - Lee Gikwang.
                 Every episode is divided in two parts. The first part is sat in 2017 and the second in 2037. In 2017 two students find out about the illegal project of deleting people' bad memories. In 2037 each person living in the new world called Smart Earth has an individual system which controls their emotions. In consequence they can't feel very happy or very nervous or very excited. All of them comport in indifferent way. Thanks to this, it's the world with no crime. Until the day when someone hacks the controlling system and manipulates with people's memories... When bad memorises come back to someone, this person let his emotions to go out. This is the beginning of many unrespectable and tragic situations. 
                I've seen till now all 6 episodes available and I can't wait for the rest. I think I can recommend this tv series to everyone, not only to science fiction fans.